Bruce Conner 去世了 - [hearsay]

刚才去看拙时的博客,才知道 Bruce Conner 前几天刚刚去世,我以为他早就不在了呢,这些六十年代实验电影的活跃人物。我还蛮喜欢他的电影的,当初看了文字介绍就觉得对胃口,《一部电影》(A movie, 1958)这样的,听片名就酷啊。后来在网上找到了他几个片子,果然很酷。我比较喜欢这种搞法简单的,用别人的素材就能剪出一部酷电影来。还有一个《报道》(Report, 1967),也是这样的搞法,也很好。其实我就想做这样的东西,呵呵。不过他后来主要是在搞艺术,没劲。


Bruce Conner (1933–2008)

Bruce Conner, a San Francisco–based artist known for his assemblages, films, drawings, and interdisciplinary works, passed away Monday afternoon. Conner moved to San Francisco in 1957 and quickly found his place within the city’s vibrant Beat community. His gauzy assemblages of scraps salvaged from abandoned buildings, nylon stockings, doll parts, and other found materials gained him art-world attention, as did A Movie (1958), an avant-garde film that juxtaposed footage from B movies, newsreels, soft-core pornography, and other fragments, all set to a musical score. (In 1991, A Movie was selected for preservation by the United States National Film Registry at the Library of Congress.) Conner was active in the Bay Area’s 1960s counterculture scene, designing light shows for Family Dog performances at the Avalon Ballroom, and in the ’70s focused on drawing and photography. Art-world recognition resumed in the ’80s and continued to the present: Conner was included in the 1997 Whitney Biennial, was the subject of a touring survey in 1999–2000, and is featured in the current Carnegie International. At Conner’s request, there will be no funeral.


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